The Original Fat Bottomed Girl
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The Original Fat Bottomed Girl  
Fort Wayne's #1 Favorite BBW

My Basic Info
--I am a smoker but never with clients. If this offends you, then please do us both a favor and simply move on along. I don't need or desire lectures or being looked down upon. Thanks!

--age: 41
--location: Fort Wayne, IN
--height: 5'7"
--weight: 300lbs (yes, I am a BIG woman. So if that's not your cup of tea, then why are you even here?)
--bust: 42D
--body: soft, round, with large natural breasts & a super big ass *wink
--hair: long, brown, sometimes auburn
--eyes: brown
--piercings & tattoo: nothing trashy or sexual, sorry to burst any bubbles

Few of my favorite things

--Miller Lite, Butterscotch Schnaaps
--SUGAR-FREE Iced Vanilla coffee from McDonalds always makes me smile :)
--DARK roast coffees

--J-Lo "Live" and Beyonce "Heat" perfume
--Torrid & Lane Bryant (Big girls love sexy lingerie too ESPECIALLY me!)

--Animal Prints Especially LEOPARD, GIRAFFE and ZEBRA!!
--Jasmine, Cherry, Vanilla scented candles

--I love, love, LOVE to read (Barnes & Noble & Amazon!)
--ND & Colts football (EVERYONE who knows me KNOWS this)

Me in a nutshell

Above awesome personality, uber sense of humor, extremely affectionate, highly intelligent, utterly insatiable, & BEST of all, being my friend won't break your bank! What else can I say other than I really AM the total package when it comes to being my friend. Why not come see for yourself? I promise once you meet me, you DEFINITELY will want to come back!